Friday, March 28, 2014

There are a "minion" reasons to READ! Bulletin Board.

...with an eye single to the glory of God!

I changed our ward bulletin board this week. 
Each minion is labeled with the name of a primary child. 
I wanted something bright for spring. 
The minions are so popular right now. 
And, the kids love seeing their name on the board! 


To the side of the board, I will post an I-spy sheet. 
 I will include little objects from some of the figures. 
 They love trying to spot things. 
It doesn't take much to entertain kids. 
They love it.

Here are close-ups from of some of the various minions.  

 There are minions & minions of reasons to read your scriptures!

We have three Elders currently serving full-time missions.

Our Bishop dressed up as Gru for Halloween, so I pulled this picture from Facebook, and put it up with the minions.  His two counselors, Brother Hyatt and Brother Christensen are the two pictured with him.  

This almost became my folly. I looked at Mr. minion here and thought he was a science experiment gone bad.  I thought his beaker had blown up and burned his eyes.  I had him up on the board for a little bit before one of the missionaries in our ward came up and asked me if I had any idea what this guy was doing.  I explained he was the science minion.  He laughed and told me I was wrong, that this was indeed a minion smoking marijuana from a bong. Well....alrighty then! I took him down pretty quick. I am just glad the missionary noticed. I had no idea. Ha! That would have been fun for one of the Primary kids.  I am sure they would love to find their name on the weed smoking minion. Sheesh! Only me! I still think it looks like a bad experiment. :)

Welby 5th Ward 2014

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  1. LOVE this!! I'd love to do this! Where did you get all your Minions?


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