Friday, March 28, 2014

Hospital Survival Kit for new moms!

I made this fun little kit for a friend of mine who is expecting her first child in a few days. It's been a few years since I've done that, but I still remember all the things I wish I had thought to pack. Such a fun way to celebrate the birth of a first, or tenth baby. I wanted to get her something before she went to the hospital. 


Baby Boy!

I went with blue accents.
You could use any color or pattern.

Body wash, soap, and Chapstick.  

Chapstick was #1 on my list.  
Your lips will quickly feel like sand paper.


Hairspray and lip gloss.   

You will take more photos this day than any other  in your life. 
It doesn't hurt to have a little something to freshen up. 

Remember, pictures last forever. 


You can't eat, and the next best thing is to drink.  Clear flavored liquid will seem like the nectar of the Gods while in labor. Capri suns are just the right size, and they come with a straw. Bonus.  Crystal light packets are perfect for bottled water. I threw in several.  Baby daddies get thirsty too. 

Sometimes, labor in LONG! 


You will cry--  
Tears of frustration.
Tears of exhaustion.
Tears from pain. 
Tears of anticipation.
And, the tears of joy...


Jolly Ranchers saved me when I couldn't eat or drink.  
Gum . Contractions can be unpleasant. It helps to bite something.  : )
Chocolate and other candy because they don't serve that with your hospital food, and you deserve it.  You birthed a human. Have a Snickers!

Toothbrush and toothpaste for the trip.

Ear Plugs.  

Hospitals are not sleep friendly.  They are moving 24-7. New mothers need their sleep, and for this reason I send people out to buy me ear plugs.  They were a God send. By the way, one tip here--send you baby to the nursery at night.  You have the rest of your life to get up with that child.  Get some decent rest while you are there.  You are going to need it. There is no shame in sending your baby to the nursery.  Don't let anybody tell you differently!! No shame. 


A little something to pass the time.  Labor isn't also as quick as it is in the movies.  

Ped socks.  

My feet were freezing.  I didn't want to wear slippers all day. These were delightful.


Nobody wants broccoli in their teeth when cameras flash or visitors show up to see the new mom and baby, and they do come(and they do, often in droves.)  You won't feel like getting up and walking to the bathroom, so having a small mirror at my bed was great.  

Hair bands. 

I never had enough of these. 

Head bands.  

You may want your hair back while pushing, or when trying to nurse.  They just come in handy


Labor is hard work. 


I craved salt.

Medicated lip balm.  

Worked well overnight.

Make-Up Remover Facial Wipes.  

These are simple. 
Again, you won't want to get up and down for things like this. Keep a small bag by your bed.  

Fashion magazine.  

There isn't a woman out there that loves her maternity clothes enough to wear them one day longer than necessary.  Nine months of maternity wear takes its toll on the best of us.  A fun fashion magazine so she can catch up on the latest trends as she switches out her wardrobe.  

Make yourself a label.  You could easily copy this one and print it off from your home computer.  Attach label to your bag.  You can use any bag.  I like the look of the simple brown craft bag.  

Tie the handles together with baker's twine, or some type of decorative string or ribbon.  I found this at Target for $1. 

Fill your bag with all of the items.  Fill in empty space with white crinkled paper.  I put a bow around mine.  You could buy a bow and attach it right to the bag or use ribbon you have to make one.  The zebra looks darling with almost anything.  Glue your label on. 


The perfect gift for the soon to be new mother. I love the idea of gifting the mother things  for herself.    

It's may be the biggest day of her life! 
It is kind of a big deal.
When a baby is born, so is a mother. 
Neither has existed before. 
 Remember her, as well as the baby. 

Hospital survival Kit
for the new mother!


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  2. It's so true! I wish I had thought of ear plugs. Beeping..all..the..beeping.

    1. Right? Every nurse walking by, people talking, bells ringing, machines whistling...ugh! Ear Plugs!

  3. Love this, Tisha! You definitely know how to make the ordinary extraordinary. I'm sure she will love this thoughtful gift.

    1. Thanks. And the best thing is you can make it as big as you want. You could do a couple of things or several. It really is so versatile (and easy!)

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