Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fun Facts about Baby, Baby Blue Eyes!!


     Did you know?

1.  Only 8% of the world has blue eyes.

2. Blue is one of the most popular eye colors. Blue is such a lively color that people who have blue eyes are often described as very youthful.

3.  Lighter eyes maintain a certain allure. When people see something pleasurable, their eyes dilate.  Dilated pupils signal happiness and are, in turn, considered attractive. Since they are easier to see on lighter eyes, they have a natural appeal.

4.  Everyone who has blue eyes is a descendant of one man that had a gene mutation 7000-10000 years ago. Everyone that has blue eyes can be 100% certain that somewhere in their genealogy there was incest.

5.  That man most likely lived in Europe, more accurately Russia.  Due to the fact that blue eyes are less adapted to light exposure they are more common in the North.

6.    Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children. Immigration patterns, intermarriage, and genetics all play a part in their steady decline. 1 in 6 white Americans have blue eyes.

7.  No two people have exactly the same eye color.

8.  Most people that wear glasses or lenses are blue-eyed.

9.  Blue-eyed people of any race other than white have someone of white race somewhere in the genealogy on both mother’s side and father’s side of the family.

10.  The most common flirtatious line men use when addressing blue-eyed women is a comparison of her eyes with the sea or ocean.

11.  Blue-eyed men find fewer women attractive than men with other eye colors. Blue -eyed men tend to have blue eyed romantic partners. “It is remarkable that blue-eyed men showed such a clear preference for women with the same eye color, given that the present experiment did not request participants to choose prospective sexual mates, but only to provide their aesthetic or attractiveness responsesbased on face close-up photographs. Blue-eyed men may have unconsciously learned to value a physical trait that can facilitate recognition of own kin. If you want your son to find a larger range of women attractive it actually makes sense to hope for brown eyes.

12.  A blue-eyed man has an interesting advantage over men with brown eyes, a very dependable way of knowing that he is not the father of a particular child provided he mates with a blue-eyed woman.  If both parents have blue eyes, the children will have blue eyes.

13.  Blue eyes in females have long been seen as indicators of fertility and beauty.

14.  Emotionally, people with blue eyes are thought to be not only passionate in their love, but strong in their hatred.

15.  People with blue eyes tend to be very outgoing, bubbly and are not seen to be shy. They are very open with their feelings.

16.  Blue eyed people are charming, attractive and very friendly.

17.  People with blue eyes are energetic have a natural tendency to make others happy. They will try with all their might to help people and are perceived to be very kind and sincere.

Make-Up Tricks for blue eyes!
Make them pop!
 Avoid Blue Shadows.
Because you have blue eyes, one of the makeup tricks for blue eyes is actually avoiding blue eye shadows. Now, there is a tweak to this, you can wear blue eye shadows if they are completely different from your actual eye color. If you have baby blue eyes, try a navy blue eye shadow to really bring out the darker hues in your eyes. Remember though; don't layer on blue after blue all of the time.

Navy Eyeliner.
When you have blue eyes, one of the makeup tricks for blue eyes is actually ditching most of the black eyeliner and going with navy. When you go with navy eyeliner the navy actually brings your color out in full force! It's quite beautiful.

Warm Hues.
Blue is such an icy and calming color, one of the greatest things that you can do to enhance that color is actually use a ton of different warm hues. Browns, earthy tones and even some lighter colors are all fantastic for your eyes!

Try Purple.
Finally, because you have fantastic blue eyes, one of the makeup tricks for blue eyes is using purple eye shadow. Typically a very light, very sheer lilac color looks perfect and really brings out the blue in your eyes!

Famous People with blue eyes:

Nicole Kidman 
Jody Foster 
Vanessa Williams
Kate Winslet 
Kirsten Caroline Dunst 
Cameron Diaz 
Brad Pitt 
James Earl Jones
Zac Efron 
Phil Collins 
Leonardo DiCaprio
Reese Witherspoon

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