Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In 5 words write a letter to your younger self!

What would you say to your younger self?

The 5 words I wish

I'd known then...

Take the road less traveled.

Apply for more scholarships.

Cooties are real. They're STDs.

Be kind to yourself.

Forget fear.  Take the risks.

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Embrace Imperfections

Your twenties only last 10 years!

Enjoy the moment you’re in.

Love without conditions.

Accept others. 

Be gentle with yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

You are worth it!

Forgive all things in life.

Everyone dies. Enjoy the ride!

Find your own happiness.

You are NOT fat!

Kindness- to yourself and everyone!

No regrets!

Go to grad school.

Don't waste time with Myspace!

I can do hard things!

Slow down.

Decide now who you are.

Eat more peanut butter cups.

Be your authentic self always!!!

Don't hide bodies - use Fire!

Listen to your parents.

Relationships are hard work.

Your mom is always right!

Buy stock: Apple, Google, Yahoo.

Do more! Think less.

Not everything happens for a reason.

Everything happens for a reason.

It’s not all about you!

Be brave!

Heavenly Father ALWAYS comes first.

Choose to be happy!

Don't doubt yourself.  You’re capable.

Not easy, but worth it!

Know who you are!

Learn to enjoy eating vegetables.

Be happy. God loves you.

Do NOT get married! *face palm*

Find yourself. Live life!

Spend time with your grandparents.

Don’t sleep around. Will hurt.

Friends leave, family stays forever.

Be where you should be.

Commit yourself to your relationships.

Be honest.  Be happy. Smile.

Think before you do anything

Your heartbreak won't last forever.

Think outside the box.

Be genuine, not dramatic

Friend to all = true popularity.

Learn to let it go.

Listen to your parents’ counsel.

You DON'T know everything!

Work hard and trust God.

Never date anyone unworthy of you.

Your wife is always right.

Don't try to please everyone.

Move to Hawaii after graduation.

Don't sleep with that one.

Be the person you want in a spouse.

Handsome is a useless trait (in a husband.)

Wealth is hard on families.

Date many people.

Go to college, even without a diploma.

Intelligent people are not always good students.

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday.

So is St. Patrick’s Day.

Learn to dance.

If you don't dance well, dance anyway.

Life is short- eat dessert first!

Nobody else is perfect either.

Have fun. Be safe.

We all pray to a higher God.

Believe in something.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Get an education of some kind.

Work hard and keep working.

Soul mates don’t exist.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Find family sooner. Invest more.

Save your money!

Work hard and save more!!!

Learn from other people's mistakes.

Don't skimp on your education.

Forget Pinterest, it is shady.


Everyone wants to feel loved.

Make everyone feel important.

Things will all work out.

Values have purpose. Keep them.

Don't compromise.

Don't be afraid to fail.

Seek your own counsel.

Always be honest with yourself.

Don't fly on 9/11.

Invest in Wal-Mart. Now.

Listen more. Talk less.

Don't drink that last shot.

Dog on corner house bites.

The winning lotto numbers are....

Find family sooner.

You ARE enough. For reals.

Talk less and listen more!

What others think doesn't matter.

Pray, Study, Work, Love, Enjoy.

You are totally amazing.

Stop whining. Walk it off.

Enjoy the journey!

Money is everything. Play Harder.

Stay focused, follow your dream.

Care about others. Mistakes happen.

Life will bite you--vaccinate!

Don't stay strong too long. 

Always tell the truth....even if your voice shakes.

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