Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So, you think you're ready for Easter? Take this quiz and find out.

So, you think you're ready for Easter?

Have you read this ridiculously fun blog and committed the following twenty Easter traditions to memory?

-If you answered yes, you are indeed prepared.  Carry on.

-If you answered no, you have failed. You are not ready and have much to learn.  Take note, what you are about to learn from these tips will forever change how you celebrate Easter. 

Here are a few (or twenty) of my favorite  Easter traditions.  Follow any of them, and your house will be home to the trendiest, hippest Easter celebration on the planet.  You will also find out the one tradition you need to drop like a bad habit.  

I am in love with these little morsels. 
Dip strawberries in white chocolate that's tinted with orange food coloring for a carrot-inspired treat!

Tutorial : White chocolate dipped strawberries tinted orange 

How cute are these for little Easter place settings or gifts? 
I can't sew, so of course, I would hot glue mine (haha)! 

Tutorial found here: Instructions for burlap bunnies

Great Easter Egg coupon ideas for filling eggs.  

Instructions and free printables found here:

My older kids get a little bit bored looking for eggs.  I tried this little trick, and they loved it. I really liked this idea.  It added something new to an old tradition.

Countdown to Easter.  
Each day open one plastic egg every day.  Inside you could have special activities for the kids, someone you could help, a person you could pray for, or a coupon for a special treat.  

Instructions here: Free printables for Easter countdown!

Easter treats!
 Yes, please.

I can't stand how cute these are...and how EASY!
 I love easy. 

Instructions here: Egg bunny place setting

Shut the front door kind of cute!!! 
Pretzel sticks dipped in colored white chocolate.
Crushed oreos as the dirt.
I can't even stand the cuteness!

Instructions here: Bunny Food 

Every year we do this, and every year my children love it. 
By far, my favorite Easter tradition. It never loses its appeal. 
It is such a fun way to surprise someone you care about!
Take a couple dozen eggs and fill them with candy and little toys.
Add notes on slips of paper telling the family why you love them.
Add the slips of papers in the eggs.

 Free Download here: You've been Egg-ed free download

Perfect for any little girl! 

Eggs filled with bottles of finger nail polish as gifts!

Tutorial here: Easy Peep decorating!

Absolutely adorable! 
You can find it on Etsy! 
This girl has the cutest stuff. 

 Classroom Treat Ideas. Darling!

Instructions found here: PEEP S'mores

What a fun little Easter treat!

Instructions here: Bunny Bait

Easter treats for your PEEPS!

Instructions here: To one of my PEEPS

I adore this idea. Bunny Noses. 
A bottle of pink jelly beans.

Instructions here: Bunny Nose Jars

Minions and minions of reasons to love Easter!
My kids can't get enough of the minions lately!

Easter Egg Lunch for the kids. 
I can't wait to do this.  My kids will be over the moon excited.
It is so simple, yet will make them so happy.

Instructions here: Easter Egg Lunch

Silverware setting for Easter.
I love the carrot idea. I can't get enough of it this year.

Instructions here:  Carrot Silverware Place Settings

My favorite Easter door display!
I don't have a tutorial for this one--
 but I know where you can buy it!
And, let's be honest... 
sometimes that is even better (than a tutorial!)

And lastly, you ask...

What is the worst Easter idea ever????
Glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs

They are of the devil. 
I abhor them. 
Here is why... 

No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no!
No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no!
No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no! No! NO! no!
I would like to publicly inform the general public that the highly endorsed, and warmly applauded do-it-yourself glow-in-the-dark Easter egg is a sham! Oh, it is an adorable picture, and  looks like so much fun.  I thought so too...until I tried it. Fool me once.  It was a nightmare.  The eggs don't stay closed. Glow sticks are not made to be bent or manipulated to fit in enclosed spaces. Believe me,  I tried every size and brand.  I taped the eggs shut to no avail. The glow sticks break.  They leak.  The liquid inside will ooze all over little hands. Little hands will then rub little eyes, and the blinding will begin. The screams will pierce even the most deaf ears. It burns. It is also poisonous, and if ingested by animals will kill them.  It is one of the quickest ways to end an Easter egg hunt.  Take it from me.  I do a flashlight Easter egg hunt every year for about 100 kids.  I have attempted several times to make it work. Nobody wanted it to work more than me. It will leave you exasperated, angry, and just ornery.  Don't do it.  If you want eggs to glow, find other things to put inside them: battery operated tea lights, candles would be safer, glow-in-the-dark stars perhaps, or simply tape a glow stick to the outside of your egg.  We have resorted to flashlights only. Nothing that glows. The kids love it. It is much more fun to have children giggling while they search for the elusive golden egg than running through the streets like blind mice howling that their eyes are on fire.  Don't be fooled by the pictures. It does not end well, PEEPS!

Happy Easter! 


  1. many cute have put together a great list and made it easy...I'm excited to try some of these out. I'm going to have an "Easter Egg Dinner" based on your ideas for lunches. How fun to come to the dinner table and see bowls of colored Easter Eggs...thank you for sharing your genius list.

    1. Oh, I had fun making it! But, I have an even better one coming up this week! Seriously. It is ridiculous. Watch for it. Completely new ideas. I began to tire of all the same old things every year. I came up with several of my own, that are "to dye for!" Yes, pun intended. Ha. I think your boys will love the Easter egg dinner. I still love it. I don't know what it is about colorful, plastic eggs, but they make me giddy!! Take pictures, so I can see.


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