Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids won't eat? TRICK them with Waffle Pizza! WINNING!

One of these things is not like the other:

Julia Childs

Rachel Ray


Barefoot Contessa


I have many talents.
None of which take place in the kitchen.

It is almost impossible to find something all of my littles will eat.


Now, that is partially my fault.  After all, they have 
been subjected to things my dog refused to eat. 
There is no doubt, Julia Childs turns over in her grave every time
 I preheat my oven. Due to lack of culinary skills,
I had to take matters into my own hands. 
 I've resorted to trickery.

Don’t judge!

I was a perfect parent once. I was better than perfect. 
People should have paid me for instruction. 
If I had written books, I would be rich.
 I had advice about everything, and knew exactly 
what I would and would not do.
Wow. You would have been so impressed. 
 I was off the hook awesome.

and then …I gave birth 

And suddenly, all I knew was tossed
 out with Thursday’s trash.

what a shame!

Oh, how the mighty had fallen...

I’ve never recovered.
I found a recipe that worked. I am sharing.
I like sharing. We should all do more of it.

This recipe had 3 of my 4 not complaining.
I’ve learned to celebrate the little victories,
because as a mother of 4, I rarely get the big ones.

3 of 4?


 Waffle Pizza!


pizza crust 
(feel free to make yours from scratch-I'll pass. I get in pre-made)
pizza sauce
pepperoni (I use mini size- again, TRICKERY!)
a waffle iron

Open your dough, and roll out a piece to fit in your waffle iron. 
Vary thickness according to preference. 


 Spray waffle iron with butter spray to prevent sticking. Lay crust inside griddle, just as you would a waffle. Cook. 


When waffle has cooked completely, add sauce and toppings. 
 Leave waffle in iron.

In order to prevent a mess, I did not close the waffle iron completely, I brought the lid down enough to melt the toppings.  You could just as easily bake them in the oven. I will give you a tip--in my infinite handy dandy kitchen skills, I used my ice cream scoop as a wedge between the irons.   I am sure there are really fancy ways to do things like this, but I don't know them. This is the ghetto way. That's how I roll-with the kitchen slum. 

It only takes a few minutes to melt, 
but if you have several to make, the oven may be a better option. 


 If it wasn't easy-I wouldn't be doing it. 
This is fool-proof! Trust me.


Guten Appetit!!


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    1. Thank you. Coming from you, I am flattered!

  2. We are going to give this a try! Thanks for the new idea. I can't wait to put "Waffle Pizza" on our weekly menu and let them anticipate what it will be like (I get my thrills in small ways :)

    1. I am the same way. It is the little things!! ( :


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