Friday, April 11, 2014

Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs?? Yes, Please!!! Not Pinterest!

Glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs???



When I offered my own critique of the beloved Pinterest trick of throwing glow sticks in eggs, I had no idea the storm that would follow.  People were outraged. 

They were a mess. They nearly blinded children. Nobody wanted those eggs to work more than me. I could not wait. I thought they were brilliant.  

Untilthe egg hunt!

I tried every brand, every egg known to mankind. I taped them shut. I tried to glue them.  I used big eggs, small eggs, and then I finally gave one to the glow stick gods.  They were not made to be manipulated into confined spaces.  They are cheap and they leak.  You may not mean to break them, but you inadvertently will, or a child will drop an egg.  And then the fun beginsthe burning eyes, the taste of metallic poison on everything you eat, prizes ruined from contaminated liquid poison, stained clothing, and the list goes on. 

Of course there will be those of you who feel you can get around this experience, and I wish you the best. For the rest of you, I have a solution.  Because I have amazing friends, and cousins, they all went to work to find a way for the Midnight Easter Egg Hunts across American to continue.  They asked professionals, searched websites, and did their own research.  

Here are your options:

No leaking! No burning! No mayhem!

100 Lumistick 2" Glow Sticks 


- Assorted 5 Color Mix

20 green

20 blue

20 orange

20 yellow 

20 pink

Sold by The Green Group LLC and Fulfilled by Amazon. Authentic Lumistick. Brand; Factory Fresh.  premium Glow Sticks. Conveniently packaged in foil wrapped envelopes, in sets of 5.  Glows 6-10 hours. 2” length. 5 mm diameter. Currently in Stock.


 I tried these with no breakage. I will say you will need 2 or 3 sticks per egg to give them enough light to glow.  If you only use one per egg, they are not bright enough.  Secondly, while their glow time says 6-10 hours, it is closer to 90 minutes.  I would break these within minutes of hiding them.  They do not have a long life span, and you will need to hurry.  DO NOT be tempted to use cheaper versions sold at other stores. There are plenty of others. They are not the same. You get what you pay for!! These are the only mini glue sticks that have any measure of success.  They work! And even better, nobody gets hurt! 

Eggs before I broke the glow sticks. 
Each egg with 2 broken glow sticks inside. The color of glow stick didn't seem to matter.
They all glowed orange or green regardless of egg or glow stick. 


Forget the glow sticks all together and purchase reflective tape. Tape each egg with it.  This also works, and the tape has no time limit.  It doesn’t glow quite like the egg.  It gives off a reflection, but not in an egg shape as the glow sticks do.  But, also a great option.

A huge shout out and thank you to my lovely cousin Raina Harris, and my favorite Paula Deen mom, Margaret Beegle. for doing the leg work! I will forward any and all Pinterest hate mail to them. You have been warned. Those Texas girls get things done, and they don't mess around with hate mail. 

Thank You, Raina!
Thank You, Paula!


  1. Thanks Tisha! We were thinking of doing this for a mutual activity and I said, "Wait! I remember seeing something about this on Facebook-- posted by my friend Tisha who knows EVERYTHING!" Well, it's true. You do. And I'm so glad you are my friend. S.L.Y.

    1. I totally know everything! Tishapedia. ( : haha

  2. When glow sticks first came out, we used to put them in the freezer so they would last a little longer. Don't put all your eggs in one freezer! Try one or two first. This trick worked about 20 years ago, but the chemicals may be different now than they were then.

    1. I will have to try that one. Freezer. Hmmm. Awesome.


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