Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let it go...

It stands to reason, each of us views the world through our own set of glasses. Right? Each of us experiences a life and does so according to our own set of unique circumstances and situations. None of us are the same. The problem is, we forget that. We think everybody sees the world (or the movie) the way we do. We tend to believe that our way is the only way. We don't understand how anybody could see things in a various light. Truth is, they do. In fact, we all choose what we see. Make no mistake about it--those people that look for good, they always find it. And those that look for contention, and drama, well--they find that too! We choose our world.

A movie is just that--a movie. It has characters. It has music. It tells a story. And, the rest is up to you. This talk of Disney intentionally promoting a secret agenda is silly. Maybe there is? I didn't see one. It is also quite possible there is no hidden agenda. That in fact, the very idea that one exists is merely your perception brought about by your own agenda. We all see the world through different glasses. How do I know? Because from the story I experienced was vastly contrary. I did not see a hidden agenda. In all reality, it never even crossed my mind. I did not once feel the story had an ulterior message lurking behind pretty faces and sparkling ball gowns.

       But, to be fair--I wasn't looking for one.   

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My twin seven year old girls, Eden and Emersyn adore this movie. They were smitten around Halloween, long before the film made it to the big screen.  I bought the book. We read it countless times before the movie hit the big screen. My girls have never been gaga over princesses, so this was new for me. I was a bit baffled by their sudden fascination.  I couldn't figure out why this story had changed them. Why now? What had they seen in these two princesses that captivated them so completely? I had no answers.  I did the next best thing--I asked them. Their answer?

This was a story about sisters.
Sisters very much like themselves.  
One blond.  
One brunette.  
Personalities as similar as night and day.  
Sisters with a unrivaled love for each other. 
Second to none.
For my girls-- 
It was a story of love. 
Not romantic love-- 
but the kind only sisters really know.  
And let it be known--
There is none so loyal, none so fierce, none more true. 

It was here, that my twin girls, fiercely loyal and forever bonded as sisters found their story.  These are their princesses. I could not be more proud. 

Personally, I found the story heart warming. I applauded Disney.  It was a welcome breath of fresh air. It wasn't a tale about a princess rescued by a knight in shining armor, who lived happily after. No, it certainly wasn't.  It was even better.  It was the story of two sisters who shared a kind of love only they could share. It was a message of love, and a reminder to all little girls that true love isn't always romantic.  True love is caring about someone else more than you care about yourself.  It is wanting more for another other person than you want for yourself.  It is about sacrifice, and courage, and selflessness.  It is very much about sisters.  It reminds us that true love comes in many forms. I love that they saw their story, their world.  They find the good, because they look for it. They see it. Every single day.  Not just in a movie, but all the time.
I don't know much , but I know this --  perception is everything!
Any interpretation of the story is much more 
about the viewer, than of two princesses and a snowman. 
You choose your story.  My girls chose theirs. 
 This movie is full of goodness and love. 
It is one of Disney's crowning achievements! 

Change your way of thinking and you will change your world.


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